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Leather Loading Pouch - This pouch serves well as a utility bag for carrying your ammunition to the loading bench and then carrying your empties back to your gun cart, leaving your hands free to carry your long guns.  The pouch is made of oil tanned leather and has a large flap that can either be tucked over your gun belt and used as an open pouch or tucked under the belt  to provide a flap to cover the bag.  When you’re finished shooting a stage it can be easily be slipped off and placed in the cart.  We generally stock them in brown but they can also be made up in black.

Leather Loading Pouch:  $9.95  

Loading Bag - The Tonapah Tom Loading Bag (named after our customer who first approached us with the idea for the bag) provides two important functions.  It allows you to carry the prescribed number of cartridges for a typical stage requiring two pistols and a rifle to the loading bench.  The upper row includes two sets of 5 loops for pistol rounds and the bottom row has 10 loops for your rifle rounds.  The bag can then be used to return empty hulls and cartridges to your cart with hands free to handle your long guns.  Each bag has a snap closure on the back and a leather tab for hooking it over a pistol hammer or to your gun cart.  Bag dimensions: 7-1/2” to 8-1/2” in width, depending on caliber, and 5-1/2” long.

We try to keep loading bags stocked in 38 (357), 44, and 45/44-40 calibers.  Bags for other calibers or mixed calibers are made to order.  

Loading bags:  $25 for a single caliber.  Add $5 for each additional caliber.

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Our shooting experience and the needs of our customers have resulted in the design of a number of shooting accessories that have proven to be popular among Cowboy Shooters.

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Loading Strips

The Raven Moon Loading Strip (named after our customer for whom the first strips were designed) is crafted in a light weight and durable Marine Duck fabric and features two sets of five loops for pistol bullets on one side and a row of ten loops for rifle bullets on the other.  It has a leather tab for hooking it to your gun cart or wherever.  If you’re looking for a way to have your bullets set up for the stage and don’t need a place for your empty shells when you finish the stage this may just be what you’re looking for. Raven Moon has a strip for each stage so she’s always ready to go without having to count bullets at the match!  

We typically stock strips in 38 (357) and 45LC (44-40) calibers.  Other calibers are made to order.

Loading Strip:  $25.  Mixed caliber, $5 for each additional caliber.

Shell Bags - These drawstring canvas bags have leather bottoms and work great for storing and toting lots of things but we originally designed them storing spent shotgun hulls and brass.  They come in two sizes: the short bag being 8 inches tall and the tall bag being 10 inches.  The leather bottom enables them to sit upright.  When hung on your gun cart they provide a conveniently accessible place to drop your shells.  Why not get one for your brass and one for the shotgun shells and save time having to sort them later?  Diameter is 5-½ inches.  

Your choice of short or tall shell bag:  $9.95

Drawstring Bags:  These are small canvas bags that are six inches in width and have a drawstring closure.  They are handy for spent shells, small shooting accessories or other small stuff.  Lengths vary from 6-3/4” to 9-1/4”.  

Drawstring Bag:  $7.25

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The Cowboy Duffle - Constructed in canvas or ‘top gun’ fabric*, the Cowboy Duffle is great for carrying gunleather, pistols and your shooting accessories.  The duffle is fully lined in canvas, has webbing handles and a zipper closure. The bag is 16” wide with a diameter of 12”.  Specify canvas or top gun outer fabric.

We found it handy to have a special place to store shooting glasses, earplugs and other little essentials so we added two pockets to one of the inside ends of the bag and topped them with loosely gathered elastic. Pockets are optional and can be added to one or both ends of the duffle bag.

Another available option is to add your name or alias to the bag. The nameplates, described below, can be sewn onto the bag as pictured on the ‘top gun’ bag.

The Cowboy Duffle:  $60.    Set of two pockets on one end of bag, add $10.

*  Top Gun is a water and scratch resistant fabric that is available in brown, as pictured.

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Pokerwork Nametags - Let us make a name tag for you with your name or Cowboy alias in pokerwork** The leather oval is approximately 2-1/2” X 3-3/4” and has a latigo lace thong.  The pokerwork nametag price includes the nametag, thong, up to 14 letters and spaces, and first class mailing.  

Pokerwork nametag:  $15.95  For additional letters and spaces, add 50 cents each.

Pokerwork Nameplates added to other JAX products:  We can customize most of your JAX orders with the addition of your name or Cowboy alias.  We use the same leather oval used for nameplates.  Call for details. The picture is provided to illustrate sewing detail.

Pokerwork nameplate sewn onto a JAX product:  $15 for up to 14 letters and spaces.  For additional letters and spaces, add 50 cents each.

 **  Pokerwork, also known as pyrography, is the process of producing a design on leather with a red hot point, akin to woodburning.  We do the pokerwork on natural oak tanned leather and it produces a brown/sepia color design or name.  Overtime the leather naturally darkens to a rich color and yielding an enhanced background for the pokerwork.

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